Roof Inspection New Port Richey Florida

roof inspection New Port Richey FLWe take care of all your roofing needs! We offer a free inspection to find out if you need minor repairs or major work. We never try to sell an unnecessary expensive project when less-expensive service is available, and in most cases we can handle simple fixes without the hassle or expense of more extensive projects. After our assessment, we will discuss with you which option makes sense for what’s needed so that there are no surprises. We work with insurance companies if needed.

Issues We Look For During a Roof Inspection

There are some things you can look for from the ground that may determine if a more detailed inspection is needed. Even though there are signs you can notice on the ground, a more comprehensive inspection that requires getting on the roof should be conducted by a licensed roof inspection professional like New Port Richey Roofing.

Interior Signs of Roof Damage

  • Ceiling that is drooping or any bowing elements in your home

  • Water that appears to be collecting at the base of the wall

  • Visible marks or stains on the ceiling or walls

  • Visible leaking from the ceiling

Exterior Signs of Roof Damage

  • Loose granules collecting at the base of your home

  • Any missing or buckling shingles

  • Shingles around the perimeter of your home

  • Gutters that have pulled away from the house

  • Distinguishable dark areas that can be seen from the ground

  • Gutters that are backed up

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Our Roof Inspection Professionals

For safety reasons, inspections that require climbing on the roof or onto a ladder should be completed by a licesned professional who has the knowledge to complete the inspection safely. Our roof inspection covers a thorough check list of inspections including your roof, shingles, vents, gutters and chimney. We will suggest the best roof repair options to help you remedy your roof issue. If you would like to schedule an inspection, call us at 727-334-1765 or contact us on our website.